Get a Jump On Fall With Seasonal Maintenance for Your Maserati

Every change of season demands a little transition and care. Whether it be a change to your wardrobe, or some home maintenance and upkeep, making sure you're ready for a new season is important. Especially when it comes to a premium vehicle like your Maserati. Get a jump on fall in Miami with seasonal maintenance from Rick Case Maserati.

  • Now that summer drives are coming to an end, care for your engine with an oil and filter change. Not only will it clean your engine, it'll also help it run more efficiently.
  • Sweltering south Florida heat can fry a weak battery. Why? It increases fluid loss inside your battery, leading to oxidation. Make sure your battery survived the summer and is ready for fall by having it tested.
  • Every new season brings about different road conditions, so make sure your brakes are up to the challenge. Have your brakes inspected, and consider installing new brake pads and rotors.

When your Maserati needs maintenance and service, don't entrust care to the express places. Put it into the hands of the experts in the Rick Case Maserati Service Center. Our technicians know your vehicle inside and out, and how to maintain and repair it properly. Schedule your service today!

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