Powerful. Capable. Masterful. The Maserati Ghibli.

Premium performance is within reach in Miami. The Maserati Ghibli delivers a powerful and agile experience that drivers dream about. And you can experience it every single day when you get behind the wheel of the Ghibli at Rick Case Maserati.

Let's be clear: power is not lacking in any of the three Ghibli models. The Ghibli powers up to 345 horsepower and can reach 166 mph; the Ghibli S packs 404 horsepower, resulting in a 177 mph top speed; and the Ghibli S Q4 also boasts 404 horsepower, and gets up to 176 mph. There are no power shortages around here.

Power? Check. Capability? Also, check. The Ghibli S Q4 adds the Maserati Q4 intelligent all-wheel drive system to the mix. Under normal road conditions, the Maserati Q4 system keeps all power in the rear wheels to bring you the sporty and agile handling you've come to expect. But when it senses slippery conditions, it can transfer 50% of its power to the front wheels within 150 milliseconds, enabling you to masterfully handle adverse road conditions.

It's not just about speed. It's not just about power. It's about giving you the best driving experience on a regular basis. That's the masterful Maserati Ghibli. Experience it for yourself by exploring our Maserati Ghibli selection, and by arranging for a test drive today!

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