Buying vs Leasing a Maserati Model in the Miami Area

When drivers throughout the greater Miami area decide to upgrade their automotive life with a new Maserati model, they are making a decision which will affect their future in a number of ways. But before you can set out on the roads of the future in a stylish and exotic Maserati model, you must first make the decision to purchase or lease the Maserati Quattroporte, Ghibli, GranTurismo, or Levante that has caught your eye. There are numerous advantages to each option and both will see you getting into an unparalleled Maserati vehicle, but the differences can help drivers in Ft Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Aventura, and beyond maximize their enjoyment of their vehicle.

Below you'll see a comparison of buying and leasing a new Maserati model, so you can get a much better idea of what each option offers, and make a better decision as to which option is right for you.

Buying a new Maserati

  • When you choose to purchase the Maserati model, the monthly payment will be higher than with a lease, but the vehicle will be yours to own and do with as you please.
  • You can sell or trade the vehicle and money from the sale can be used to pay off any loan balance or can be applied towards the purchase or lease of your next vehicle.
  • With no mileage limitations, you're free to drive as far as you'd like, and in a new Maserati model you'll find yourself wanting to continue driving for as long as possible.
  • Since the vehicle is yours, you can modify and customize it with any accessories you'd like.

Leasing a new Maserati

  • When you lease a new Maserati you'll only be paying for a portion of the vehicles value, so you can enjoy lower monthly payments than if you chose to purchase the vehicle.
  • Once the lease term is up, you can return the vehicle to the dealer, pay any end-of-lease fees, and walk away from it, or you can even upgrade to a new Maserati lease and get the newest model and features.
  • There are mileage limits to each lease, these are generally negotiable, but exceeding the mileage limit can result in you paying charges for surpassing the limits.
  • Most leases hold the driver responsible for excessive wear-and-tear, but drivers that take care of their vehicle and keep up with service and maintenance will likely not need to worry about this too much.
  • Lease terms are usually negotiable and can generally last from two to four years. Once it has concluded, you can easily find yourself financing the purchase of the car, or leasing or buying another Maserati model.

To learn more about the differences between leasing and buying a new Maserati model, come and see the Rick Case Maserati team at 3500 Weston Rd, Davie, FL, and our auto finance experts will help you decide on the option that is best for your future. In no time you'll be setting out on the adventures of your future throughout the Miami area and beyond.


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