Can my iPhone hook up to my Maserati?

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If you're like a lot of folks we've met over the years, you absolutely can't live without your iPhone these days. From checking your emails first thing in the morning to staying connected to your family, friends, and business dealings throughout the day, it can feel as though your phone is your lifeline. In fact, on some days it can feel as though the only time you put down your iPhone is in the car. But life doesn't slow down even when you're on the go, which is why each and every new Maserati car integrates with iPhones via Apple CarPlay, so you can get where you're going without feeling left out of the loop.

Hold the power. #MaseratiGhibli
— Maserati (@Maserati_HQ) January 14, 2019

Available on all new Maserati models by way of the Maserati Touch Control+ system pictured in the tweet above, Apple CarPlay functionality affords you an unparalleled level of connectivity, convenience, and added safety while you're on the road with your Maserati.

With Apple CarPlay, you can pair your iPhone almost seamlessly with your vehicle, allowing its touchscreen to mirror the interface on your phone and providing you access to many of its most popular features. For example, you can…

Listen to your favorite programs via the Podcast app or enjoy audio books on the go with Audible
Use Apple Maps to plot a course to new places with turn-by-turn directions
Enjoy your favorite playlists on the crisp, premium audio system via Apple Music or Spotify
Make hands-free calls on the go with controls conveniently placed on the steering wheel
Have your text messages read back to you by Siri and answer text messages with voice-to-text functionality

So, not only does Apple CarPlay give your Maserati something of a technological edge, it also helps you stay a bit safer on the road by allowing you to use your favorite iPhone apps and functionalities without having your phone in your hand, so you can stay focused on the road ahead. Best of all, even though this tech is on the cutting edge, you don't have to be an Apple Genius to hook your iPhone up to your Maserati.

With the Lightning Cable connector that you normally use to charge your phone at home, plug the USB end into one of the USB ports on your Maserati car's center console.
Plug the other end of the Lightning Cable into your iPhone
Accept any prompts that pop up on your iPhone screen
Enjoy using your iPhone as you cruise around town in your Maserati with Apple CarPlay

And that's all there is to it! As you can see, hooking up your iPhone to your Maserati is as simple as it is convenient, and if you'd like to experience this technical innovation firsthand, we'd love to invite you to do so here at Rick Case Maserati. Stop by our showroom and bring your iPhone along to see how you can leverage the power of these two technological marvels together to get more out of your time on the road.
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