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Sophistication has always been a hallmark of the Maserati brand, and from the styling of its vehicles to their exceptional engineering, this quality is evident in every aspect of design. Of course, while the allure of a sophisticated Italian car draws many South Floridian drivers to the Maserati brand year after year, it also presents a lot of questions for discerning car shoppers. And if you’re looking to do your homework before committing to a Maserati, you’re likely wondering, “How does Maserati stack up to the competition?”

Nothing can match the spine-tingly sound of a #MaseratiGhibli V6 Twin-Turbo engine.
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— Maserati USA (@MaseratiUSA) July 11, 2018
Now, we’re tempted to say that when it comes to Maserati, there is no competition, as no other automaker can match the poise, prestige, and precision engineering that Maserati cars boast. Of course, all boasting aside, cars like the new Maserati Ghibli are not without their rivals, especially close competitors from BMW and Audi. But while its German rivals may encroach on its territory, the Maserati Ghibli remains dominant in the premium luxury market, offering practically unrivaled performance credentials and opulent interior design that’s certain to impress passenger and passerby alike.

At Rick Case Maserati, we’re always keeping an eye on the competition to show you how Maserati gives you the edge. So, if you’d like to see how the new Maserati Ghibli compares to competitors, feel free to check out our competitive analysis right here on the site. And if you’d like to see how the Maserati Ghibli performs on the open road, stop by our showroom for a test drive today!

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