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A tire that is under inflated shows more wear on the inside of the tread than around the edges. If you keep your tires under inflated, you are causing your car (and tires) a number of problems, as well as creating some safety issues.

At Rick Case Maserati in Davie, we’re here to help you get the most of your vehicle’s tires.  

Under-inflated tires reduce your fuel efficiency, so you'll be paying for (and burning off) more gas than your car should be. Under-inflating your tires can also create excessive heat build-up, which not only increases the rate of wear on your tire, but could cause it to blow out entirely.

The U.S. Highway Traffic Safety Administration has given your tire a temperature rating (A, B or C) as part of its uniform tire-quality grading (UTQG) system, to indicate how much heat your tire can handle. However, the UTQG temperature rating assumes you'll keep your tire at its proper pressure. If you're under inflating your tire, you'll have to assume (and guess exactly how much) your tire's ability to manage heat is now much lower.

The proper inflation level on your tires also affects how much load your car can carry. Every car comes with a tire-load rating that tells you the maximum weight that your tire can bear. However, just as with the UTQG temperature rating, the tire load rating assumes a properly inflated tire (all four of them). An under-inflated tire simply won't be able to carry as much weight.

Your tire's inflation pressure is measured as pounds per square inch, or psi. Your owner’s manual or tire manufacturer's handbook should tell you exactly what the proper psi is for your tires, and the tire pressure level is on the sidewall of your tires.  Rick Case <Dealership Brand Name Here> in <City Name Here>, will help you get the most of your vehicle’s tires.  With every service visit we check your tire pressure to ensure your tires are inflated properly.

Most of today’s cars have a low pressure indicator in the dash so if it pops up or If you have a concern and think your tires might need air, just stop by any Rick Case Service Department and we’ll check your tire pressure, and if you need some air, we’ll inflate your tires to the indicated PSI and if your low tire pressure indicator needs resetting, we’ll do both at no charge.


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