Why Change Your Oil and How Often?

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Oil lubricates the moving parts of your engine. It keeps them cool by lowering friction and carrying heat away. It also keeps any grit or tiny particles from scratching tightly-fitted parts. So think of the oil in your engine as your vehicle’s lifeblood.

Heat breaks down oil. It can make the oil gummy or watery (or both), so that it doesn’t lubricate properly. And the longer it’s in the engine, the dirtier it gets. 

Replacing old oil with new, fixes all these problems. The fresh oil lubricates and cools better. When you flush the old oil out, you also flush away any grit or dirt in it. 

Getting your oil changed regularly is probably the single best thing you can do for your engine.
Rick Case Maserati in Davie can keep your engine oil fresh and new with our competitively priced oil changes.  To reduce repairs and improve performance, follow your manufacturer’s oil change recommendations listed in your owner’s manual. Following a regular mileage/time maintenance schedule will go a long way in keeping your vehicle's engine running smooth for years of trouble free driving. 

Conventional vs. Synthetic Oil Changes 

Conventional motor oil is made from crude oil. This kind of oil has been used for more than 100 years to lubricate engines. It does the job well.

Synthetic oil starts out as conventional oil. Then it’s modified. It lubricates even better and stands up to high heat better without turning into gel or getting watery. Some blends of synthetic oil are designed to keep high-mileage vehicles driving longer. Others are meant for high-performance engines. Still others can help to improve your car’s fuel mileage.

Even if you use synthetic oil, it’s important to have oil changed often to get rid of the dirt and grit that can scratch your engine’s tight-fitting parts.

Need an Oil Change?


Bring your vehicle to Rick Case Maserati located at 3500 Weston Road Davie, FL 33331 for an oil change maintenance. Our factory Certified Technicians know your vehicle, and while you’re here, we’ll perform a complimentary / no obligation Multi-Point inspection, which includes 34 important – vital areas of the operation of your vehicle, including checking the belts, hoses, fluids, brakes and more. You can set up an appointment online here  or call (954) 621-1267. Keep your vehicle driving smooth the entire year!


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